Early Medieval Indian History – Rajput Dynasty, Rashtrakutas, Palas of Bengal


Early Medieval History

Rajput Dynasty:

Rashtrakutas (753-973):

  • Dantidurg established the Rashtrakutas dynasty.
  • Ellore inscription mentioned the victory of Dantidurga over Chalukyas.
  • The Ellora temple dedicated to Shiva was built by Krishna l.
  • Govinda lll defeated the coalition of the Kings of Chola, Gang, Pandya and Keral.

The Gurjara-partaihars of Northern India (783-1036)

The palas of Bengal (760-1142) :

  • Khalimpur inscription States that Gopal was the founder of Pala dynasty.
  • Dharmapal was called the Swami of North. He conquered Nepal and adopted the title Parmeshwar, Param Bhattarrak and Maharajadhiraj.
  • He founded the Vikramanka University and built Sompur Vihar. He also established Odantpur Buddhist Vihar.
  • Govinda pal was the last ruler of the Pala dynasty.


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