Plateaus and Types of Plateaus


Plateaus and Its Types

This article clearly explains about the Plateaus, Types of Plateaus and Famous Plateaus of the world.


The term plateau is applied to any fairly flat high land region a tableland or elevated tract of comparatively flat or level land, the surface of which may be uniformly levelled or have broad Summit heights of fairly uniform elevation.

Plateaus are extensive upland areas characterised by at least one side of very steep slope standing well above the neighbouring surface.

Types of Plateaus

Different types of plateaus are

  1. Intermontane Plateaus
  2. Piedmont Plateaus
  3. DomeShaped Plateaus
  4. Continental Plateaus
  5. Volcanic Plateaus

Intermontane Plateaus

  • These plateaus are surrounded by hills and mountains from all sides.
  • The Tibetan plateau, with a height of about 5000 m, is the most striking example of this type. Other examples are Bolivian plateau, Peruvian plateau, Colombian plateau and Mexican Plateau.

Piedmont Plateaus

  • Plateau formed at the foothill of extensive mountains is called Piedmont plateau.
  • Piedmont plateau is surrounded by a mountain range on one side and by plain or ocean on the other side. E.g. Eastern margins of the Appalachians mountains (USA) and Patagonian plateau of South America.

Dome Shaped Plateaus

These plateaus are formed, when the landmass is uplifted in such a manner that the middle portion is raised and the sides are rounded. e.g. Chotanagpur plateau (India) and Ozark (USA) plateau.

Continental Plateaus

  • These plateaus are formed either due to theĀ  upliftment or extensive spreading of lava on the Earth surface.
  • These are very extensive plateaus and are generally away from mountain areas, but are surrounded by oceanic coasts or plains. e.g. Siberian shield and Canadian shield and Brazilian shield.

Volcanic Plateaus

  • These plateaus are formed due to the accumulation of thick layers of basaltic lavas.
  • Fissure eruption of volcanoes is the main cause for the formation of these plateaus. Deccan lava plateau of India and Colombian plateau of USA are the best example.

Famous Plateaus of the World

Plateau Situation
Tibetan Plateau Between the Himalayas and the Kunlun Mountains
Deccan Plateau Southern India
Arabian Plateau South-West Asia
Plateau of Brazil Central-Eastern South America
Plateau of Columbia North-west North America
Plateau of Bolivia Andes mountains
Great Basin Plateau South of Columbia Plateau, USA
Colorado Plateau South of Great Basin-Plateau, USA

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