Turkish Invasion – Mahmud Ghazni and Mohammad Ghori


Turkish Invasion

This article will Clearly explain about the Turkish Invasion.

Mahmud Ghazni:

  • Son of Subuktgin, the ruler of Ghazni.
  • He invaded 17 times upon India between 1000-1027.
  • In 1000 A.D. he invaded the ruler of Punjab, Jaipal and defeated him in the battle of Waihind (near Peshwar). Jaipal committed suicide after the battle as he could not tolerate his humiliation.
  • In 1008 Ghazni defeated Anandpal, the Hindu Shahi King of Punjab which made him the master of North West India and Punjab.
  • In 1014 A.D. he invaded Thaneshwar and looted enormous wealth.
  • From 1018-19 he looted and plundered all cities of Mathura and Kannauj.
  • In 1025 A.D. he invaded Somnath temple and collected enormous wealth and destroyed the idol of Somnath.
  • His aim was to plunder the riches of temples and palaces of India.

Muhammad Ghori:

  • Muizuddin Mohammad-Bin-Sam also known as Shihabuddin came to be known as Mohammad Ghori.
  • From 1175 to 1206 he invaded India many times.
  • In 1191 he met Prithivi Raj Chauhan, the ruler of Delhi and Ajmer in the first battle of Tarain in which Mohammad Ghori was defeated.
  • But in the second battle of Tarain in 1192 Mohammad Ghori defeated Prithivi Raj Chauhan.
  • He entrusted the charge of administration in India to Qutubuddin Aibak.

Important Note:

  • On 22nd July, 622 AD Hazrat Mohammad fled to ┬áMadina from Mecca, this event is called Hijrat.


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